Authenticity goes a long way in hip-hop, which makes it all the more jarring when rappers are exposed for keeping it less than a hundred percent. Stunting on Instagram is as much a staple of a modern day rapper's life as time in the studio, but as Kendrick Lamar once said, "You ain't gotta lie to kick it," a notion that Bow Wow was recently reminded of by stock trader and entrepreneur Timothy Sykes.

In the above photo posted to Instagram on Monday (April 11), Sykes calls out Bow Wow for repurposing a photo he used eight weeks ago. "Another musician @shadmoss is using my cash photos, c’mon Bow Wow, don’t post in black & white, at least use my original photo in all its glory," Sykes wrote, juxtaposing the two images as evidence of Bow Wow's nab. "I can teach you how to make it yourself so you don’t have to reuse anyone else’s photo, you can be my next millionaire student if you’re dedicated!"

The IG gaffe is reminiscent of a similar situation in which 50 Cent was revealed to have lifted a photo of buckets full of money from a 2010 news story. In the time since, 50's Instagram account has been the subject of much legal debate, with the rapper claiming that he uses fake money to project an aspirational level of wealth.

As for Bow Wow, he has yet to remove the photo from his page, and his since clapped back at Sykes, posting the below photo exposing him for wearing a fake watch. "See when u pop shit sometimes it comes back and bites you. All my ice watches everything real. But you pose to be rich," the rapper wrote. This back-and-forth only adds to Bow Wow's social media squabbles, as he's been going at Yung Berg for the past few weeks.

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