With a lot of buzz surrounding the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, Tupac has been on a lot of people's minds. It's also led to some comparisons like Young Thug claiming to be the new Pac. In a new video, Boosie BadAzz is seen comparing his life to Tupac's and concluding that no one, including Pac, was as gangster as he is.

Just to make it clear, Boosie has nothing but love for Tupac. In an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2014, he tactfully handled a comparison to Tupac by saying, "...we both have heartfelt music that touch people heart. We both have similarities. I guess we both got in trouble too but I just feel it’s real music and a pleasure to be given that credit but Tupac [is] Tupac and Boosie [is] Boosie.” But in a new YouTube video recording of a recent Instagram Live broadcast, Boosie thinks he's in a league of his own when it comes to keeping it gangster.

After perhaps watching the new Tupac biopic or talking to his children about it, he went live for his fans to hear him speak on his life story: "As far as gangsta shit, them niggas can't compare to me on no shit like that. Not no life story like that one: going through shit, all kind of shit. They ain't been through what I been through."

At around the 28-second mark, you can see someone comment about the Tupac film, which is when Boosie qualifies his statements and brings Tupac into the conversation: "Nah Tupac raised me. I love the fuck outta Tupac. I'm saying as far as, on an all out just real gangster shit, them niggas can't even come close to me. I'ma tell you real shit. Like they really rappers. They just rappers... I love the shit outta them but as far as... them niggas ain't got no life like my shit." It's unclear who else Boosie is explicitly including in the group of rappers that aren't as gangster as he is.

The rest of the video entails Boosie having simple conversations with his children, like telling them to run a bath with his supplies (green alcohol, epsom salts, foam and bubble) and discussing some new fox locks.

You can watch his Instagram Live broadcast below.

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