Boosie BadAzz sits down with VladTV for an interview about the Louisiana rapper's past in the dope game. In the 15-minute conversation (see above), Lil Boosie reveals that he started hustling at the age of 14.

"I started hustling at 14 -- taking care of myself, making money. I was a boss of the street before I was a boss of a record label," Boosie tells VladTV. "I would say all the way until 2005 I was making more money in the streets than I was from making music."

Boosie also takes a shot at fakes in the industry.

"A lot of rappers never lived the real street life -- where you walk outside every morning with bulletproof vests on, and you live for that day," Boosie says. "You don't live for tomorrow, you don't live for the future -- you live to make it through that day."

Boosie Boo says he got his first job at age 11 as a lookout for his cousins selling drugs on the corner. The gig earned him $30 to $40 per day. At 14, he began moving weight.

"At 14, I was put out of my mom's house and I was sent to my grandma's house 'cuz I wasn't doing right in school. My daddy had just died when I was 13 or 14, so I was rebellious. And my grandma's house was the block. It's where everyone gets money at," Boosie says. "I was just raised to get money since 14. I sold crack to my own uncles. It was put in my head like, that's how we is. You sell crack to your own family members, because if you don't get the money, they're gonna take it elsewhere."

Boosie recalls how crackheads would knock on the window at his grandma's house through the night. "Crack is a hell of a drug. They come all night," he says. "They get on their knees and cry to you. They bring you TVs, guns. They bring you all kinds of accessories."

The 33-year-old Baton Rouge native describes learning how to cook his own cocaine at 16, seeing people in their mid-20s lacing their weed with crack, and watching his cousins sell candle wax for $9,000.

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