With chilling images of the riots and protests across the country stemming from police brutality, Boosie BadAzz provides the backing music with the powerful "Hands Up." Spawning from Baltimore; to Ferguson; to New York City, the raw footage features protesters talking to the camera and disturbing shots of the murders of Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Tamir Rice. The video is tough to watch but absolutely necessary.

Boosie has been hard at work on his album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell since his release from a lengthy prison term. With the release date set for May 26, Boosie's return to the rap game is coming full circle. For XXL's latest issue, we traveled down south to kick it with Boosie and his crew and the rapper gave us the scoop on Touchdown:

“We’re gonna crush the game, puttin’ out this album and showin’ the world why everybody was sayin’ ‘Free Boosie,’” he says. “They weren’t sayin’ ‘Free Boosie’ just to say this. That’s what I tell most people who feel like jail made me famous. Hell nah. They were sayin’ ‘Free Boosie’ because I touch so many people with my music, and they knew that was missing and they wanted that back. People wanted me back, not just as a rapper, but as a father, as a friend. Not just as an artist. People love me for me, not just because I rap.”

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