The much-publicized tragic events of this past week have touched the nation. The killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La. and Philando Castile in Minnesota by the hands of the police and the Dallas shooting that took the lives of fives cops seem to be all anyone can talk about. One person who has had very direct dealings with the Baton Rouge PD is Boosie BadAzz, and he recently spoke up about the spate of killings on social media. He thinks the past has made conflict with authorities an unstoppable cycle.

"It's messed up what's going on," he said in a Snapchat video captured by TMZ. "But I been talking about what's going on with police in Baton Rouge for a long time. Now people get to see it with their own eyes – all the injustice going on in that city. I ain't into cops being killed, I ain't with all that. But cops getting away with murder. They in they prime right now."

He continued, "Really it will never be peace. Because you got too many lives that have been taken. All you can do is try to diffuse the situation. It's too far gone."

BadAzz closed with what he thinks is a possible solution, or at least deterrent, for the problem. "I think what would slow the cops down from doing what they doing is if they start getting convicted and getting life sentences, double-life sentences, like we get if we kill somebody," he said.

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