Boosie BadAzz is not happy about losing almost half million dollars. The Baton Rouge rapper unleashed a furious rant against his bank, Capital One, after $469,000 was allegedly stolen from his account.

"Capital One bank has still refuse to give my muthafuckin money back that THEY let someone steal out my account," Boosie wrote on Instagram. "I've done everything. I have even met with Secret service to no avail.So they sayin I'm jacked . Where is Obama for shit like this . This want us to make our money legal n when u do just that u take it from them n refuse to return it . Fuck the banks I'm advising all my fans do not bank at capital One. Hide your money do not bank at all fuck that if u a hood nigga they go find a way to take it."

Boosie expressed his frustration with the entire process. The "No Juice" MC felt like he had no recourse in getting his money back.

"If u was me what will u do? Who would u call?" he continued. "How would u feel? If they thank they go take my hard earn money away from me they got the game fucked up. im about to write the White House n see if someone n D.C give a fuck about this fucking injustice . I'm tired of fighting to get my money back that was taken from me through wire fraud .yall let some fucking cowards take all this dam money n you don't want to give it bank to me.,so really u saying I'm a bitch ass nigga .really u saying fuck me my momo n my kids ,really U telling me to do something ,really u laughing saying that's good for his ass.Well let me tell u this .I won't stop until I get my fucking hard earned money back this just the beginning laugh Now."

XXL has reached out to Capital One for a comment. We will update you once we have heard back from them.

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