Ahead of the release of his BooPac album, Boosie BadAzz has dropped the video for his latest song, "Dirty Diary."

The song finds Boosie opening up and reflecting on his life as he writes in his diary. In the video directed by Samir Urbina, the Louisiana rapper lays shirtless on a red carpet, writing in his book. "You heard ol' boy got his issue, guess when we come they don't miss ya/Too many dead, I need tissue/This life is so far from pretty/Rest in peace to my hittas/Those in my killer committee/Lil Ivy, Ghost and Lil Bleek, we wrote ya name in the streets," he raps.

Up next for Boosie, the rapper will drop his new album on Dec. 15. XXL recently caught up with the artist, who revealed a few details about the album. According to Boosie, with a controversial project title such as BooPac, the rapper decided to keep the project in-house.

"By this project being such a controversy album BooPac, I really did no features," he said. "The only people on the album are with me on the project are B Will, Yung Bleu and that’s about it. Jit the Beast produced like six songs. I just feel like my in-house stuff be realer. They know my sound, they know my feel and it’s a bond. It’s different from a highly known producer and he’s just sending you beats and you got to do it."

As for why he decided to call the album BooPac, Boosie said it was because of the pressure from his fans.  "[Another reason] why I really named it BooPac because to a generation, I was their 2Pac," he said. "What 2Pac did to me is he touched me with his music. He’s the only one that ever made me shed a tear off a song. And I have that characteristic to my fans. My fans come tell me I’m their 2Pac. Their mamas who love 2Pac come tell me that I’m the closest to 2Pac."

Check out the "Dirty Diary" video below.

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