Last Friday night (Nov. 3), Boosie BadAzz's Gardena, Calif. concert ended in chaos as one gunman fired shots into the crowd. Two people were wounded in the incident, and now, a video of the shooting has been posted online.

In an aerial video obtained by TMZ, we can see a man firing off a few rounds before trying to flee the scene. Naturally, the crowd begins to panic as soon as the shots are fired, and chaos ensues.

Interestingly, the video appears to show another person leaving the scene with a gun in hand. It was reported that there were two shootings at the concert that night, which saw two people sustain bullet wounds and several more people injured. A few fights also broke out during the concert. Police have yet to make any arrests.

The shooting was unfortunate, but not all that unheard of for a Boosie concert. Back in April, his Virginia show was canceled after shots were fired before the show even began. Understandably, Boosie wasn't happy with the outcome.

"Kinda pissed off," he wrote in an Instagram post at the time. "I was supposed to be in Dinwiddie at the car show. They started shooting. They started shooting again. So, I wont be allowed to go. Now all these girls walking in the hotel. 'I ain't going to Boosie show they be shootin' too much. They gone start shooting.' Shut the fuck up, bitch I'm mad."

Stay tuned for more updates on this case. Watch a video of the shooting below. Be warned: it is very graphic.

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