After Boosie BadAzz's brother allegedly stole more than $300,000 from him, the sibling will not be charged.

According to a report from TMZ, the district attorney handling Taquari Hatch's case has refused to file charges against him, even though police booked him for allegedly taking $361,000 for Boosie's account.

Hatch was originally hit with identity theft and fraud charges after cops discovered he was posing as Boosie to authorize multiple wire transfers. The brother has also maintained his innocence, saying in a video, "Knowing that you innocent is piece of mind that's priceless, and that's what I got in this situation." He added, "For the people that matter to me, all it's gonna take is a little time for me to clear my name."

Boosie recently spoke to XXL about his brother, revealing he cut his sibling off. "I’ve been going through this my whole life with money," the rapper said. "Money brings greed and this shit hurt me. I cut him off. I ain’t got time for that. That’s over $400,000. I don’t spend money out the bank. That was my kids' money. It just made me not to trust anybody. You learn from your mistakes. He’ll hurt more than I will."

While it's uncertain if Hatch actually did steal the money, Boosie said he was hurt by the incident and revealed it was the first time he cried since being released from jail. "I ain’t cry since I came home [from prison] and that was the first time I did," he told us. "But it will be aight. That’s why God keep me here. He put me through all this crazy stuff and gives me a way to talk about it. So on the album you’ll hear about it."

Up next for Boosie, the rapper is preparing for the release of his next album, BooPacwhich is scheduled to release on Dec. 15.

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