Remember The DynastyBooze Badazz may not quite have 2000 Jay Z's commercial stature, but he's taking a similar approach in putting on for his crew. Every Ghetto, Every City, Vol. 1 is credited to Boosie and his Bad Azz Music Syndicate, which is comprised of OG Dre, Quick, B. Wil, J-Day, Juicy, Lee Banks and Money Bagz. But the tape isn't limited to just those newcomers; "My Niggaz," the lead single, catches Bando Jonez assisting Boosie, and the new video for the song is about as on brand as you can get. Clad in the vaguely angelic white vest-white everything combo, Boosie flaunts his crew's loyalty: "I told my lawyer, 'My niggas loved me since elementary--why the fuck I need a hitman?"

Boosie has been free from prison for a little over a year now, and as has been on an inhuman tear since he got out. Last year's Life After Deathrow was one of the year's best releases, retail or otherwise. Songs like "I Feel Ya" and "O Lord" paid tribute to his fellow inmates at Angola; on "I'm Coming Home" and "The Fall," the Baton Rouge legend lashed out at his fair-weather friends. He has released three songs reportedly meant for his forthcoming album, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, the most recent of which is "Black Rain."

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