One man has been arrested and charged in connection to a shooting outside of an Alabama club where Boosie BadAzz was performing on Monday (Dec. 31).

According to Huntsville police (via Associated Press), the alleged shooter, Samuel Demario Williams, fired shots from an AK-47 assault rifle outside of the 3208 nightclub. The suspect was shot in the thigh by a security guard but not fatally wounded. Luckily, no one else was hurt, including Boosie who witnessed the shooting.

Williams was rushed to a local hospital where doctors treated his gunshot wound and then placed into police custody. Authorities eventually charged the 32-year-old man with menacing, reckless endangerment and gun charges.

On Tuesday (Jan. 2), Williams was released on his own recognizance, according to jail records. The case is still ongoing as police continue to investigate and see if other people could be charged.

As for Boosie BadAzz, who was not involved in the shooting, he went on his Instagram account to urged his fans to act accordingly when they come to his shows.
The rap veteran, who recently just got off parole, seemed frustrated over the incident and implored his fans to behave themselves.

"Man, I just outside of the club 3208 and it just had a muthafuckin' shootout in front of the club," said the "Heartless Harts" MC. "Shootout in front of the door, shit like the wild, wild, west, man."

"I'm gonna let everyone know, y'all gotta learn how to fucking act at my show, you know," he continued. "If you want to see me, y'all gotta know how to fucking act bro. For real, man."

Watch Boosie BadAzz's reaction to the shootout he witnessed at his Alabama show below.

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