Just about one month removed from releasing his P.A.P.I. (Proud and Powerful Individualz) album, Harlem's own Bodega Bamz supplies another dope new visual. Yesterday (May 10), the rapper unleashed a new visual for his standout P.A.P.I. track, "Clout."

The song itself is about Bamz's unwillingness to do things for attention on social media. The Guy Blelloch-directed video sees the rapper-actor taking a trip to New Jersey's Atlantic City with his pals for a night of good vibes. Upon their arrival to a less than glamorous hotel, one of his friends complains because their stay won't give him the chance to flex—or, in other words, collect some clout. For his part, Bamz takes it in stride and seemingly goes out and has a pretty good time.

In a clever approach, we see a virtual smartphone hovering in the center of the screen capturing the activities of Bamz and company as they enjoy their night out. The floating phone is the all-seeing eye of social media, which is something Bamz makes pretty clear he doesn't care about.

"I don't do it for the likes, I just do what I like/I don't do it for the likes, I just do what I like/Don't fuck up the count, don't fuck up the count/The money keep coming, keep coming, keep coming," Bamz spits in the hook for the Victor "FLY" Olivares Jr.-produced track.

Watch Bamz's new video for "Clout" below.

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