In a new statement, Bobby Shmurda's lawyer Alex Spiro says the Brooklyn rapper could be out in three and a half years. "His sentence of 7 years, with credit for 2 years already served and good time credit will hopefully permit him to be home in approximately 3 1⁄2 years and resume his remarkable career. This plea also covers a separate Bronx Indictment."

Original Story:

Today (Sept. 9) in New York City court, Bobby Shmurda plead guilty to murder conspiracy charges, reports TMZ.

According to the deal, Bobby will receive seven years of prison and five years of probation.

He was facing charges that included conspiracy to commit murder as well as several weapons and drug charges in connections with gangs.

TMZ was in court to overhear Shmurda's lawyer imploring his client and other defendants to take the deal, arguing that they wouldn't be facing a sympathetic jury.

Bobby's co-defendants Chad "Rowdy Rebel" Marshall and Nicholas McCoy also accepted the plea deal. An additional defendant, Santino Boderick, faced an extra charge of attempted assault, making his plea offer a minimum of 15 years. The deal was contingent on all four defendants accepting.

Shmurda, Marshall and McCoy will be sentenced on Oct. 19.


In an exclusive interview XXL conducted with Bobby Shmurda from behind bars back in May of this year, the Brooklyn rapper railed against the police for pinning charges to him without any concrete evidence.

"There just doing a bunch of dirty things, that’s why I feel like they’re dragging it out so long," Shmurda said at the time. "I looked at my case from back to front and they have yet to come up with any evidence to stick on me. They’re just trying to paint a picture of me because of the people I’m associated with, like they’re trying to have me on some guilty by association. But there’s no conspiracy of murder, all these gun charges, there were no guns found on me, none of my DNA is on these guns. They’re violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights."

Earlier this year, two members of GS9, the collective Bobby is a member of, were convicted of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy. Rashid "Rasha" Derissant was sentenced to just over 98 years in prison, while Alex “A-Rod” Crandon received a 53-year prison sentence. 

In late April, Bobby's legal team filed suit against the NYPD for false arrest, claiming cops initially arrested the BK rapper when they busted into an apartment he was in without obtaining a search warrant.

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