Bobby Shmurda could be out of jail next week. GS9's poster boy has filed bail paperwork with the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's office today, according to both the SNP and Shmurda's attorney. "Best case is that he’s out sometime next week, worst case is we do a hearing and the judge agrees with the Government and he stays in," Shmurda's new attorney Kenneth J. Montgomery told XXL over the phone this afternoon. Montgomery replaced Howard Greenberg about month ago as Shmurda's defense attorney. Montgomery expressed that it's all up to the government now.

"Here's as plainly as I can state it," said the attorney from Brooklyn. "We posted bail and did what we had to do. The government is going to look at it and see if they have issues with it. If they don’t have issue with it, he’ll be released, then they have to litigate it through a hearing. I’m hoping there is no issue and we’ll take it from there. This is a big thing for them. This is a publicity case and they are going to look at everything with a fine-toothed comb. There’s no issues with the money [that was used for bail]. It isn't drug proceeds, this is legit. All finance is legally from his recording deal and the people who are backing him is his business team. There should be no issues, but I've done this for quite some time and know some of the things that are involved. So until this is ultimately done and he’s out, I'm still going to keep my eyes on the prize."

XXL reached out to the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's office today to confirm the posting; the SNP's office was able to affirm that the paperwork had been filed, but could not speak for the court.

"We received some paperwork related to bail from Ackquille Pollard’s attorney late this afternoon," said Kati Cornell, Director of Public Information of Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, in an email to XXL. "However we are not able to confirm whether or not a bail bond has been posted with the court. We will have 72 hours to review the complete package once we receive notification that the bail bond is posted."

Montgomery revealed that it's Bobby's personal business team who provided the money and not Epic Records, stating, "Epic isn’t involved." Yesterday (June 29) Bobby Shmurda and 14 members of his GS9 collective pled not guilty to all charges relating to the indictment, which was initially handed down Dec. 18. What was originally 69 charges ranging from drug dealing and murder conspiracies to weapons possession, assault, murder and attempted murder rose to 101 charges yesterday as the State added an additional 32 charges related to offenses in December. So what's next for Bobby Shmurda on Apr. 22, his next court appearance?

"Next is we have to file motions," said the defense attorney. "The government gives their response and the court gives their decision. It's just litigating the litigation before we get to a trial stage."

Judge James Burke set the next dates for the case at the Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday. Defense motions must be filed by Mar. 18, while the State has until Apr. 8 to respond. The next court hearing is set for the 22nd of April.

This case is far from over at this point, but Shmurda could be a (relatively) free man as early as next week. XXL will keep you posted as news progresses. —Emmanuel C.M., additional reporting by Dan Rys