Blueface's mom says she's going to launch an OnlyFans page on her son's birthday.

Blueface's Mom Plans to Launch OnlyFans on Blue's Birthday

On Saturday (Nov. 25), Blueface's mom, Karlissa Saffold Harvey, was on Instagram Live relaxing in her water spa and announced that she is going to launch her OnlyFans page on Blue's upcoming 26th birthday on Jan. 20, 2024. The matriarch said that she would need a personal trainer to get in shape for the launch, but added that the person would have to work for free.

"I have to roll out this OnlyFans for Johnathan's 27th or 26th birthday," Karlissa said in the video below. "You know I lose track, I ain't that good of a mama."

"So this would be a good birthday present to roll out on January 20," she continued. "Whoever can help me get my body together by January 20th to roll out my Onlyfans I would appreciate [it]. They would get full credit for my transformation. You gotta be willing to do it for free."

Judging by the clip, it looks like Mama Karlissa is trolling her son. She later jokingly added that Blueface would appreciate her having an OnlyFans since he has called her a whore.

"Let's show them how these whores do it," she stated. "Ain't that what he called me? Show him and Dre how it's done."

"Do it for the kids! Do it for the kids! I'mma do it for the kids...if they want to make jokes. We got a joke for that ass, baby," she added.

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Blueface's Mom Shades Sexyy Red's Looks, Sexyy Claps Back

Blueface's mom loves to troll people on social media. Over the weekend, while on IG Live, Karlissa was asked which celebrities she found cute or pretty. When someone mentioned Sexyy Red, Karlissa called the St. Louis rhymer "Stanky Red" and shaded her about her looks.

"Sexyy Red look like my grandma Bessie she barely cute, she barely cute," she said in the video below. "Stanky Red ain't either. Stanky Red look like my grandma Bessie, she barely making it, okay? Stanky Red is like, barely."

Sexyy Red caught wind of Karlissa's remarks and responded on a blog post via the gossip page, The Neighborhood Talk.

"Didn't Chrisean knot chu df up," Sexyy clapped back in the comment section.

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Watch Karlissa announce that she's planning to launch her OnlyFans page on Blueface's birthday below.

Watch Blueface's Mom Reveal That She's Launching an OnlyFans on Blue's Birthday

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