Blueface's mom Karlissa Saffold has apologized to Sexyy Red for calling her "barely cute."

Blueface's Mom Apologizes to Sexyy Red for Saying She's 'Barely Cute'

On Tuesday (Nov. 28), Saffold hopped on her Instagram Story to pen a quick apology to the St. Louis rapper. The "Thotiana" rapper's mother said Sexyy Red was "beautiful and brave" in her own way, and added she didn't mean for her "comedy" to offend.

"It's been heavy on my heart to apologize to Sexyy Red because she ain't never done nothing to me or my comedy may have caused her pain," Saffold wrote in the screenshot below. "I think you are brave and beautiful in your own special way. I'm sorry for offending you because I'm not after those who never done anything to me. Please forgive me."

Sexyy Red has yet to respond to Saffold's apology.

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Blueface's Mom Says Sexyy Red Is "Barely Cute"

The apology comes after Blueface's mom clowned Sexyy Red on Instagram last Saturday (Nov. 25). She said the "Pound Town" rapper looked like her "grandma Bessie," and referred to her as "Stanky Red."

"Sexyy Red look like my grandma Bessie she barely cute, she barely cute," said Karlissa in the video. "Stanky Red ain't either. Stanky Red look like my grandma Bessie, she barely making it, OK? Stanky Red is like, barely."

Sexyy Red inevitably heard Karlissa's comments and clapped back in the comment section of a post about the topic shared on Instagram blog The Neighborhood Talk.

"Didn't Chrisean knot chu df up," Sexyy wrote.

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See Karlissa Saffold's apology to Sexyy Red below.

Blueface's Mom Apologizes to Sexyy Red


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