UPDATE (Dec. 19):

On Tuesday (Dec. 19), it was reported the fight at Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis' show over the weekend is now being reviewed by the Salt Lake City Police Department. The SLCPD released the following statement saying that video of the incident is now under investigation.


Blueface is clearly upset in a video circulating on the internet in which he's seen pulling a fan on to the stage to fight Jaidyn Alexis. The rapper accused the fan of throwing an object at Jaidyn.

Blueface Urges Fan to Fight Jaidyn After Object Was Thrown at Her

On Sunday (Dec. 17), a video popped up online showing Blueface and his on-and-off fiancée Jaidyn Alexis hosting an event at a club. In the viral video, Blue introduces Jaidyn to the cheering crowd, and someone apparently throws ice at Jaidyn. The video, which doesn't fully capture the throwing, can be viewed below.

It appears that Blueface saw who threw ice at his girlfriend and invited the alleged culprit to the stage. The woman was pulled onto the stage, and before she could explain that it wasn't her who threw the ice, Blueface shoved her toward Jaidyn, who quickly threw a couple of punches but missed her target.

As the woman tried to leave the stage, Blueface grabbed her arm and urged her to come back as Jaidyn waited behind him in preparation for another squabble.

Thankfully, the woman got off the stage and Blueface laughed off the entire incident.

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Fans Say Blueface Is Lame for Pushing Woman to Fight Jaidyn

On Instagram, after watch the alarming video, fans unanimously commented that Blueface's behavior was lame and that Jaidyn should stay away from him.

"| hope [the woman] press charges and where her friends at. We all would have jumped her and Blue. Lol," wrote one person in the comments section of an IG post about the video.

"Wow, miss blue cheese felt disrespected so he man handled a girl who paid to see him, I'm disgusted that he is still walking free, just lock him up already," another viewer typed.

Another person offered this observation: "I'm pretty sure I can read the girls lips when Jai is signaling her over there like come here. It looks like the girl says "no it wasn't me baby" [crying laughing emoji]."

Overall, this is not a good look for Blueface and Jaidyn.

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Watch Blueface push a fan into fighting Jaidyn after he accused the fan of throwing ice at Jaidyn below. Also, read some of the fans' reactions to the video below.

Watch Blueface Push Fan to Fight Jaidyn After Accusing Fan of Throwing an Object at Jaidyn

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