Blu has been hard at work over the last year, and now we're getting everything he's touched put into one compilation project. The Los Angeles rapper releases his anticipated Soul Amazing (Part Seven) mixtape, which hears him compiling all of his guest features over the last year.

In the seventh volume of the project, Blu provides a whopping total of 37 tracks, hearing him on tracks for Skyzoo, DJ Manipulator, CashUs King, Michael Christmas, MED, eLZhi, Bankrupt Billionaires, Avatar, Fluent and many more. He also provides some of his signature rhymes for different remixes by Nottz and Exile.

Last month, Blu and Exile's debut album, Below the Heavens, celebrated its 10th anniversary, which helped them to become staples within underground hip-hop. Just recently, it was reported Blu and Exile would be dropping unreleased songs from the session for that album sometime this year.

Check out the full tracklist for Soul Amazing below, and take a listen to the project in the stream below, or download on Blu's website.

Blu's Soul Amazing (Part Seven) Tracklist

1. "rap break #2" (cadillac need space to roam featuring planet asia, med & blu)
2. "games" (elliterate featuring blu)
3. "at home" (izzy strange featuring blu)
4. "tell me 'bout it" (mibbs featuring blu)
5. "make the world go" (superior featuring edo g & blu)
6. "grass aint green" (rapper big pooh featuring blu)
7. "the origin" (60 east featuring sly boogie & blu)
8. "bags packed" (zoolay featuring blu)
9. "reality" (ace clarke featuring skyzoo & blu)
10. "water to wine" (scienze featuring blu)
11. "this sound" (dj manipulator & louie gonz featuring blu)
12. "hip hop nerd" (cheech bundy featuring micheal christmas & blu)
13. "no offense" (nottz & nova featuring blu)
14. "the connection" (kunoichi featuring blu)
15. "the aura" (pavel dovgal featuring blu)
16. "island man" (kota the friend featuring blu)
17. "hypnotized" (jeff bernat featuring blu)
18. "save yourself" (j. lately featuring blu)
19. "im here" (nottz remix) (bankrupt billionaires featuring blu)
20. "runaway (exile remix)" (adiam featuring blu)
21. "okie dokie" (sene featuring blu)
22. "bangin'" (tranzformer featuring dankery harv & blu)
23. "anything" (johaz featuring g rocka, sene & theory hazit)
24. "night shi(f)t" (avatar featuring blu)
25. "don't let me" (shanaz dorsett featuring blu)
26. "pay dues" (cm jones featuring blu)
27. "make it" (fluent featuring blu)
28. "streets don't love" (dv alias khrist featuring ras kass & blu)
29. "tainted love (i love it)" (rahim samad featuring georgia ann muldrow & blu
30. "mind keep stepping" (sraw featuring blu)
31. "caddy music" (med featuring elzhi & blu)
32. "blu moon" (jeepz featuring blu)
33. "fresh" (dj concept & planet asia featuring agallah & blu
34. "good riddance" (ca$hu$ king (aka co$$) featuring blu)
35. "ronin" (hale storm music featuring fashawn, nix & blu)
36. "a$$hole" (playa haze featuring blu)
37. "self destruction" (dr bloodmoney & morbidly-o-beats)

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