Every person has their own way of looking at things. For the latest installment of XXL's Views, a video series in which big names in hip-hop are put in the hot seat and share their opinion on trending topics and current events, we have boisterous Memphis spitta Blac Youngsta.

The CMG artist discusses a number of topics including male rompers, Donald Trump‘s presidency plus his thoughts on former President Barack Obama and dry snitching.

Blac Youngsta begins by sharing his opinion on male rompers, a summer fashion trend that has turned the internet upside down. Youngsta explains how male rompers aren't his style but he doesn't see anything wrong with men wearing the outfit, which is typically worn by women.

“I won't be wearing it though, if I was a rapper," says Youngsta. "But nowadays you can do what you wanna do. It really don't even matter whatever you wear. If your fans [or] people think it's cool, then cool. Where I come from, I can't wear that shit."

Another topic of discussion is on the current POTUS, who Blac Youngsta vehemently disapproves of. "Fuck Trump," he states. "Ain't been a good president since [John F.] Kennedy."

He adds, "I love Obama because he's my color. I always heard Jeezy rap about it before [Obama] became President. I always dreamed of a Black president."

Youngsta ends this episode of Views by speaking on rappers dry snitching on rap songs. Earlier this year, the police issued a warrant for Blac Youngsta's arrest because of lyrics from Young Dolph's Bulletproof project. The budding rapper, who is currently fighting a serious court case, is against any rapper using their records to snitch on others.

Check out Blac Youngsta’s point of view in the video above.

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