It looks like Blac Youngsta had to resort to extreme measures during a recent show in South Carolina.

The Memphis rapper performed at Exquis in North Charleston on Thursday night (Feb. 20). During the show, he met some resistance from people in the crowd. Some have reported those opposing the rapper to be gang members. In video of the incident, he is seen addressing a group of people on the side of the stage.

"I don't know y'all, bruh. I don't have no problems with y'all, bruh. But we strapped, we with whatever y'all with, bruh," Blac Youngsta warns his detractors. "We don't give no fuck, bruh. Let me do my show, I'ma come outside, we gon' deal with that. I'ma do my show, we gon' come out an deal with y'all."

The rapper tries to continue his show for paying fans, but when he starts people begin to throw chairs toward the stage. Blac Youngsta attempts to rap through the hostility. After a couple songs, the rapper and his crew devise an exit plan. It looks like someone passes Blac what appears to be a Draco with an extended clip. He lifts the weapon over his shoulder as he and his crew make a bee line toward what looks like a dressing room while items are still being thrown at them. It's a hectic scene. It appears the rapper and his team made it out unscathed. He has since posted live video to Instagram, though he did not speak on the incident.

XXL has reached out to Blac Youngsta's team for comment.

Last September, Blac Youngsta was booked on a weapons charge in Houston. That was four months after he reportedly skated charges in relation to the Young Dolph shooting case.

On a lighter note, the Memphis rapper recently stopped by the XXL office to hilariously deliver some classic movie lines.

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