Blac Youngsta is a character. If you've seen any of his zany Instagram antics and hilarious videos, you probably already know that. If you didn't, just take a look at the latest edition of XXL's ABCs, which finds the Memphis rapper rattling off unique reference after unique reference as he works his way through his own version of the alphabet.

First, though, a little background. For XXL's ABCs, each artist recites all 26 letters of the alphabet. For each letter, they offer up the first person, place or thing that first springs to their mind. In the case of Blac Youngsta, it was everything from dinosaurs, to beloved former Memphis Grizzley, Zach Randolph (he calls him by his nickname, Z-Bo).

When the letter P comes up, Youngsta mentions the idea of pimpin'. When X pops up onto the screen, Youngsta takes us back to his childhood. "X is for X-Men. I watched that when I was growing up," he says when prompted.

Though there's an interesting reference for every single letter, the funniest parts are no doubt the moments where Youngsta speaks on Lady Gaga, reaffirming his love for the superstar singer.

"L is for the love of my life, Lady Gaga. I love you with all my heart," Youngsta says when he makes his first Gaga reference of the video. He name-drops Gaga one more time, but we'll let you find out about that for yourself.

Watch Blac Youngsta's ABCs for yourself below. Check out his Fuck Everybody 2 mixtape when you're done.

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