While Blac Chyna hasn't exactly been best buddies with the Kardashian family, she is willing to be cordial when it comes to family. When stopped in the street by The Blast, she took time to congratulate Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West on their newborn baby girl, who was born this week.

Chyna was in the middle of running errands in Los Angeles, when the reporter approached her in a parking lot. "Are you happy about Kim and Kanye having a new kid?" he inquired. Blac Chyna cooly responded, "Yeah, it’s always a blessing. They deserve blessings.”

Her issues with the Kardashians have existed for a while, and include a few twists and turns. Her first run-in with the family was through her previous relationship with Tyga. After their son, King, was born, Tyga moved on to Kylie Jenner, Kim's sister. This kicked off an ongoing beef between all parties, with Chyna ultimately dating and having a child with Kylie's brother, Rob Kardashian.

After an ugly split between the two, Rob decided to expose Chyna's nudes online and accuse her of using their relationship as retaliation against Tyga.

Blac Chyna is still mired in different beefs with Tyga, Rob and the Kardashians in general. However, she's focused on more important matters at the moment; Chyna is preparing to pursue a rap career.

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