We've all been there: You have a child, then your ex--who's recording his fifth studio album with executive producer Kanye West--leaves you, presumably for a 17-year-old reality star. You bicker, you posture, you lash out at him for a fake interview attributed to his non-English-speaking grandmother. It's the oldest story in the book. What do you do next? Fight for full custody, of course. According to TMZ, that's exactly what Blac Chyna is doing; her son, King Cairo, is currently currently bouncing between her home and that of his father, Tyga. However, with the two-year-old gearing up for preschool, his mother feels he should have more stability in his life, especially during the week. (Allegations that Tyga is in fact romantically involved with Kylie Jenner, still a minor, will certainly be made.) Chyna is reportedly seeking childcare that will include money for housing, food, clothing, nannies and education. When the two--who were engaged, but never married--split in 2014, Tyga  sought full custody of King Cairo, but later agreed to split time with Chyna.

Tyga's long-delayed, highly anticipated The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty is executive produced by his longtime collaborator Jess Jackson, as well as Kanye West and Mike Dean. All the way back in 2013, Tyga released "Wait for a Minute," the Justin Bieber-featuring cut that was supposed to serve as the album's lead single. He most recently dropped "40 Mill" in March of this year.