Atlanta has and will always be a mother lode for gifted musicians. From the outside looking in, it’s easy to think that being in such a glowing area automatically leads to getting put on, but what isn’t stressed enough is how necessary it is for the city and the people in it to actually accept you. As is the case with 19-year-old Bktherula.

Bk, whose real name is Brooklyn, knew from the second she came out of the womb that she was destined to make music. As a young child, her mother’s graceful voice was used to put her to sleep. And her father was musically inclined as well, rapping in a group called Planet X back in the day and opening up for legends like A Tribe Called Quest. At the age of 9, Bk laid down her first song on a tape recorder. By 13, she was uploading songs that she mixed herself to SoundCloud. Meshing her love for both melodic and punchy styles, it was then that she stamped herself as a switch-hitter that excelled on both sides.

She suddenly became a star of SoundCloud’s new era in 2018, and kept her momentum steady with “Faygo” and then “Left Right,” which currently has nearly 4 million streams on the platform and over 20 million streams on Spotify. Upon dropping her debut project, Love Santana, in 2020, Bk had another hit on her hands with “Tweakin’ Together,” a psychedelic-wrapped track that also went viral on TikTok. The other diamonds in the rising artist's catalog that have seven-figure stream counts are “OkOk/Depressing” with Digital Nas, off her 2020 tape, Nirvana, plus "Santanny” and “IDK What To Tell You,” both on 2021's Love Black. Her catalog flexes her peerless ability to make thudding music for Boiler Room mosh pits, airy vibes that can double as lullabies and everything in between.

After a successful 2021, in which she earned a placement on NBA 2K22 with “Watch Me” and was personally recruited to work with Kanye West, BK plans on keeping her foot on the gas release-wise as she embarks on a national tour with Lil Tecca, BabySantana and Yvngxchris beginning in February. Even with those shining wins under her belt, this is still just the beginning of it all.

Watch BKTheRula's episode of The Break Live below.

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"Left Right"

"Tweakin' Together"


"IDK What to Tell You"

Love Black

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