Bishop Nehru has already made quite the impact in hip-hop for someone who is just 19 years old. Releasing an entire album with MF DOOM is something most artists can only dream about doing yet Nehru was able to do so as a teenager. That project certainly got a lot of people's attention, but the young rapper wants to prove that he's more than footnote in DOOM's discography.

Last year's Nehruvia: The Nehruvian EP showed that Bishop Nehru has plenty of staying power in the rap game. To follow that up, Nehru has released a new mixtape titled Magic 19. The MC's latest effort features a lot of his own production. This should give fans a glimpse at what to expect on his debut album for Mass Appeal Records as Nehru plans to produce that LP in its entirety.

Check out the tracklist for Bishop Nehru's Magic 19 below and stream the mixtape via SoundCloud. If you want to download the project, you can do so by clicking this this link.

1. "Did I Find It" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
2. "It's Whateva" (Prod. by Tay $lay)
3. "Cake Up" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
4. "$acred Visions" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
5. "Tu Tienes Que Saber (You Should Know)" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
6. "He The Man" (Prod. by Bilbo)
7. "One Of A Kind" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
8. "Highs And Lows" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
9. "I Know (Angel Of My Dreams)" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
10. "How It Goes" (Prod. by Bishop Nehru)
11. "Midnight Reflecting" (Prod. by Ricky Reasonz and GRiMM Doza)

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