Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While some of us prepare to buy decorations and slave away in the kitchen to cook pounds of excess food, there are millions of people in the country who lack that luxury. In order to spread his wealth and generosity, Cash Money CEO Birdman and friends are gearing for their 19th annual turkey giveaway. Making previous stops in New York and Miami, this year the philanthropist will hit Atlanta and New Orleans to get residents in the holiday spirit. Birdman has never been shy about his passion for giving to those in need, which is why he didn't hold his tongue about the giveaway while chopping it up with XXL.

"I used to go in the store and me and my friends would go in the store and run out with all the turkeys. And be like, “Fuck it.” You heard me? And go bring them back into the project. We had no food. Nobody had nothing to eat," said Birdman. "So we’ll go in there, take the turkeys, have some of the females go get the dressings. And we go in the projects and we stay in a circle. And we feed the whole circle. We gonna do that shit like Monday through Friday until they really stop letting us in the muthafucka."

Last year, Birdman and friends delivered enough turkeys to feed 3,500 families during their routine stop in New Orleans alone. In 18 years, he has given away almost 50,000 turkeys, which is an impressive feat. Birdman gushed about the charity increasing in size each year and how his young Robin Hood-like character encouraged him to give back to his community.

"And then I said when I get some money, I’ma feed my projects. Feed where I come from. When I did get some money, I was 18 years old. 17 years old, making 18 when I signed with Universal for $30 million dollars. When I did get some money, I just go and get as many as we can. Then we just made it out of an event. I get the whole Universal staff. Everybody come down and we get as many as we can possibly get, as they allow us to buy."

Look out for the Cash Money 19th Annual Turkey Giveaway next month.—Morgan Murrell, Reporting By Eric Diep