Hot 97's Ebro and Laura Stylez flew down to Miami to kick it with Birdman and ask him about all the recent shenanigans surrounding his name. During their interview, Birdman revealed that his mother, who his next and final solo album Ms. Gladys is named after, was actually shot and killed when he was two years old. He never speaks on his personal life, but for his next album he says he recorded the whole thing in New Orleans in order to make it a personal piece of work.

During the interview, the face of Cash Money explained why he pulled up on Charlamagne like he did. "I think for a few years he just been slandering my name, playing with my name and not respecting me," said Bird. "To me as a man, it was deeper than music."

When asked about what problems he might have with Rick Ross, Baby says he isn't sure. "I really don’t know, me and Ross was like brothers. They one of the reasons we came to Miami…I have the utmost respect for Ross. I taught him a lot of game in this shit. It threw me off."

Of course, Ebro also touched on Baby's outstanding issues with Lil Wayne. "It's more of a misunderstanding than a money issue," says Birdman. "If you know me I always gave Wayne any and everything he ever wanted. Our train still moving…Me and him talked but best believe that situation gonna work itself out…Our relationship has changed and I always wanted to be a part of my son's life any kind of way possible…I'm not ever going to let this music and this money ever interfere with how I feel about my son. I love him. We gonna figure it out, guaranteed."

Watch the whole interview above to hear Birdman also speak on what New York rappers he's feeling, why Drake has the album of the year and much more.

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