Birdman was recently up at REAL 92.3 for Big Boy's neighborhood to talk about his beef with Lil Wayne, his outburst at the Breakfast Club, and much more.

At around the 23:30 mark, Baby reveals that he made "a couple hundred thousand" off his "Respek" merch.

What's even more interesting is how he spent that money: "I grew up in a boy's home for four or five years in my life as a youngster, and I donated all the profits to boy's homes around the country." Notice he didn't really put that out there either.

Birdman was supposed to drop his solo album Ms. Gladys on June 24, but it never surfaced. He's supposed to drop the second Rich Gang album in July as well, but it's unclear whether that's happening either.

At the beginning of the interview, Baby also addressed his problems with Wayne, saying that the two aren't "enemies," just having some communication issues. They actually see each other every day in the same studio, but they haven't spoken for about a month according to Bird.

Watch the whole interview above.

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