Big Bank DTE recently teamed up with Future for their collaboration track "25 Squares," and the lyrics are finally coming to life for the new music video. The Duct Tape General rapper has released the new visuals, which show him set up in the hood with the FreeBandz leader.

The beginning of the video shows a card game going wrong between a group of gentlemen, where two of the guys get into an argument over owed money. When a gun is pulled out, a little boy enters the room before the scene switches to Bank and Super in the trap, where they join a group out front of a residence. Other b-roll pans over money and some drugs, as well as expensive cars passing through the streets of the neighborhood. While Future is vocalizing his hook, pink smoke can be seen rolling through the air by a smoke machine in the middle of the housing yard.

The track was produced by Wheezy, who is most known for his work with Young Thug in the past, While the producer's debut project is on the way sometime this year, Big Bank is also slated to release his King of the Jungle mixtape in the near future.

You can also peep the new NSFW video for Future's "My Collection" record that he released yesterday.

We'll have to see what the Atlanta godfather has in store soon, but for now, check out his visuals with Future for their "25 Squares" track below.

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