The NBA season is winding down to its final two weeks and basketball fans are eager for the start of the NBA Playoffs. With the 2015-16 season being one of the best in league history, the increase in sales for basketball sneakers and apparel has sky rocketed to new heights thanks to amazing play of NBA superstars such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and other top-tier players.

When it comes to basketball sneakers, the amount of brands making a splash in the footwear market are several. From Kevin Durant’s highly successful Nike KD8 sneaker to Derrick Rose’s D Rose 6 Boost to Stephen Curry’s Under Armour Curry 2, signature basketball sneakers have always been the "it" thing to have for a lot of NBA ballers. While the norm for a lot of players who have played in the NBA has been to sign with Nike or Adidas, Steph Curry decided to go a different direction in 2013 when he decided to sign with Maryland-based sportswear brand Under Armour for close to $4 million dollars per year.

With the NBA Playoffs and the thrilling March Madness tournament upon us, basketball sneakers and jerseys will be selling like hot cakes with the weeks to come. Today, XXL highlighted the top 14 performance basketball shoes that are out right now from various sportswear brands, so with that said here's a few kicks that will help you ball out on the court in style for spring 2016.

Today, XXL highlighted the top 12 performance basketball shoes out right now from various sportswear brands.

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