The feud between media executive/rapper Benzino and Detroit rapper, Eminem, is one of hip hop's most memorable beefs. After calling Em the "2003 Vanilla Ice," all hell broke loose. While the two have since put the diss records and name calling behind them, Benzino recently revealed to VladTV that the whole beef with him and the "Guts Over Fear" rapper was hyped up and completely "blown out of proportion".

“The whole Eminem beef was blown out of proportion," said Benzino. “As far as I’m concerned people go at it all the time, but ours was just blown out of proportion. And I’m sure people can understand why. But that’s behind me now. And I told him if I ever seen him I would love to get into a conversation with him, with Marshall. I would love to have some type of conversation. No matter what. What we went through is always gonna be history. Always. He’s an incredible lyricist. There’s no question about it.”

For some reason an Eminem and Benzino reunion in the near future seems as likely as Stevie J and Joseline's marriage certificate being real. Watch it above.

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