In November 2016, Belly put out his terrific Inzombia mixtape. Yesterday (Jan. 31), the Canadian rapper dropped the video for the Nav-assisted "Re-Up," which landed at track five on the project.

Throughout the four-minute visual (which you can view below), Belly whips a Mercedes-Benz through a mountainous area. The director uses various special effects, including an old-school, hazy, VHS vibe for many of the video shots. Around the 55-second mark, fellow Canadian, Nav, pops up to deliver his standout guest verse.

While playing pool at a dimly lit bar, Nav spits, "Born alone, die alone/I let the drugs take my soul/First time I bought some weed I was sold/If I get 40 thousand for a show/I'm scared I'll spend 20 thousand on some dope/Either RAF or Ricky on my toes/In high school I never made the honor roll/Poppin' mollies, I've been on a roll."

In case you missed it, in mid-January, Belly opened up to XXL about a number of different topics, including his writing process. "A wise man once told me, 'When you sit down and write, never be scared to embarrass yourself,'" Belly says. "For me, when I write, I’m not worrying about what other people think or how people are going to perceive it."

He continues, "These are real life issues that I have. If people fuck with it, they’ll do, if people don’t then they won’t relate. Everybody that’s fucking with my music right now is relating to it on a whole other level because of that honesty, that vulnerability, the ability to speak opening to my fans and not trying to be this gimmick or a certain image. I rather be everything that I’m really am."

As aforementioned, you can check out the "Re-Up" video below courtesy of YouTube.

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