Bas is next up to bat on the Dreamville roster. On Friday (Aug. 24), the Queens, N.Y. rapper ups his third solo studio album, Milky Way.

The follow-up to his 2016 sophomore LP, Too High to Riot, the new offering contains 13 tracks plus a bonus cut. Milky Way features Dreamville head honcho J. Cole on the song "Tribe," A$AP Ferg on the banger "Boca Raton," as well as guest spots from Correy C, Ari Lennox and more.

The Paris-born rapper was one of Jermaine's first signings to Dreamville back in 2014 and he's built a solid following since releasing his debut album, Last Winter, the same year.

Bas recently addressed the release of Milky Way and the thought process behind it on Instagram. "It’s been two and a half years since Too High to Riot. I’ve spent the better part searching for ground," he wrote in the lengthy caption of the album's cover art. "We go looking for love in all the wrong places. We go on radio shows looking for love from the hosts and their audience. We put out albums, our truths, in hopes the public will love them and catapult us to great successes. We hope our labels will love how the singles perform. We conquer as many women as we can as if it'll make us love ourselves. Instead of finding one that who shows you the man you could be. We share only the good parts of our lives on social media. In hopes of making people fall in love with us. One like at a time."

He added, "This album is about finding ground. About not poisoning your own well. About finding and tethering yourself to the love that truly fulfills you. Love of self. Love of others. Lovers. Family. Friends. Fans. You’ve all given me all the affirmation I’ll ever need. That is the Milky Way. The only way to go."

Listen to Bas' new Milky Way album below.

Bas' Milky Way Album Tracklist

1. "Icarus" featuring Ari Lennox
2. "Front Desk"
3. "Tribe" featuring J. Cole
4. "Boca Raton" featuring A$AP Ferg
5. "Barack Obama Special"
6. "Purge"
7. "Fragrance" featuring Correy C
8. "Infinity"
9. "Infinity + 2" featuring Correy C
10. "Sanufa"
11. "Great Ones"
12. "PDA"
13. "Designer"
14. "Spaceships & Rockets" featuring Lion Babe, Moe Moks, Moma & Guy

Dreamville / Interscope
Dreamville / Interscope

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