The late Bankroll Fresh may be gone, but he will not be forgotten. The Atlanta rapper's team keeps the fallen MC's memory alive by dropping a new track called "I Just Wanna." The song is ostensibly a Bankroll Fresh solo record though T.I. and Spodee help out with some vocals.

The circumstances of Bankroll Fresh's death caused some controversy after his alleged killer gave an interview in which claimed to have shot Bankroll in self-defense. This led to Bankroll's uncle writing a scathing letter to DJ Vlad, the man who conducted the interview.

"You disrespectful culture vulture. I offered you to talk to my family, (Bankroll Fresh’s family) when my nephew was first killed," Bankroll Fresh's uncle Shadi Powers wrote. "Did you call us or reached out to the Street Money Worldwide family or his father and mother to get a rebuttal to No Plug’s story? None of that!”

Powers was very critical of DJ Vlad for only letting one side of the story be told. He also stated that Bankroll Fresh's murder investigation was still open.

"The story [No Plug] was telling you were straight bullshit with more holes in it than the police’s reasons for killing Alton Sterling. You’re an poor excuse for an journalist, if we can even call you one. And while the whole black community were coming together to protest 'cops killing black men,' you drop this one sided interview of an open investigation for an unsolved murder of Bankroll Fresh."

Powers was also bothered by DJ Vlad's inability to challenge any of the alleged killer's story. Powers criticized the interview for letting No Plug shape the public narrative of what happened on the night of Bankroll Fresh's death.

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