Bandman Kevo will serve 22 months in prison for his role in a credit card scam. The rapper, whose real name is Kevin Ford, pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud back in January. He received his sentencing on Tuesday (Aug. 23). Kevo has 30 days to turn himself in and begin serving his time.

The Chicago rapper was arrested and charged with bank fraud back in 2014. According to an affidavit, six individuals were accused of obtaining upwards of $639,745 in a bank fraud scheme called cracking cards. The group recruited people to give them debit cards and PIN numbers in exchange for a portion of the profits. Kevo and others would deposit counterfeit checks into the third-party accounts then use fraudulent credit and debit cards to get cash from ATMs.

Bandman Kevo and his co-defendant Cortez Stevens filed plea agreements on Jan. 5. A statement by his publicist said Kevo had been going back and forth to court before pleading guilty. Despite having no previous record, the rapper was sentenced to 22 months. He declared he will do everything in his power to keep his music career afloat while he is in jail.

"I will do everything possible to stay relevant," Kevo said. "22 months will fly and I will be back better than ever and on my cocky shit."

Bandman Kevo plans to release a new song called "Phone Call" before he turns himself in and begins serving his prison sentence. The track will serve as the lead single for his next mixtape.

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