The Come Up alum, Bandman Kevo, is on the verge of a serious career detour as it has been reported that the Chicago MC was arrested and charged with bank fraud. According to the Illinois newspaper NWI Times, Kevo and five others have been named in a federal complaint alleging they participated in a bank fraud scheme stretching across the state of Illinois. Each has been charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

According to an affidavit, the six individuals are accused of obtaining upwards of $639,745 in a bank fraud scheme called "cracking cards." They are accused of recruiting people to give them debit cards and PINs for a portion of the profits. With bank information, Kevo and his crew deposited counterfeit checks into the third-party accounts and would then use fraudulent credit and debit cards to get cash from ATMs.

Officials also requested a "no-knock" arrest authority for Kevo because he posted a statement on his Facebook account stating his desire to kill law enforcement officers.

[NWI Times]

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