Bali Baby continues her run to make this year her best yet. Earlier this week (May 8), the North Carolina native unleashed her Baylor Swift project, an eight-track effort filled to the brim with bangers and plenty of personality.

Checking in at 27 minutes, Bali's latest project was preceded by the release of her new video for "Few Things," a visual that found the rapper/crooner wielding an ax in a horror movie-esque short flick. The song itself sounds like it could fit in on playlists everywhere, floating in a space between pop rock and hip-hop. Regardless of how you classify it, it's a project that definitely goes pretty hard.

Speaking with XXL for The Break a little while back, Bali offered up a potential glimpse into her influences when she listed the artists she listened to growing up. In the interview, Bali explained that she listened to, “A lot of Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé and Jhené Aiko," growing up and that she wasn't all that into hip-hop.

"I listened to radio music a lot when I was younger, and then I would listen to, literally, all Lana Del Rey—I would just blast her. I love rock-pop music. I listen to every song on Guitar Hero," continued Bali, who did cite Nicki Minaj as a rapper she enjoyed.

See what Bali Baby's Baylor Swift sounds like for yourself just below. Check out her Bali Blanco EP when you're done.

Bali Baby's Baylor Swift Tracklist

1. "Introduction"
2. "Backseat"
3. "Candy"
4. "WWW"
5. "Electrical"
6. "Tough"
7. "Few Things"
8. "Killer (Bonus)"


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