Azealia Banks has turned into a social media beast that can't be tamed. The Harlem rapper decided to vent extensively on Twitter Wednesday (April 13) about everything from the music industry to Black male misogyny. In a mere 24 hours, Banks purged her feelings on a variety of topics and didn't mince words when it came to hexes, billionaires, Wale, Kanye West and leather jogging pants.

It all started in the morning when Azealia put billionaire and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on blast for not keeping up his end of a promotion bargain. She then went into detail about how she put a hex on Dorsey. "Jack Dorsey asked me to tweet about his cash app and in exchange he was supposed to tweet about my mixtape. He never did," claims the Slay-Z creator.

Later in the afternoon, while Banks was answering a question from a follower on Twitter about how Black men in the music industry don't support her, Wale responded to one of her tweets, saying, "We are all terrified of you." The remark prompted Banks to start a firestorm of tweets and trend on the social media site.

“As you should be! With that said, I am a VERY generous woman. I share with everyone I come into contact with,” she fired back. “Go to hell and stay there. I hate you nigger...”

The two went back and forth for more than an hour before Banks moved onto the next person: Kanye West. When a follower asked if 'Ye supported her as an artist, Banks said that he "used to be there" for her and she lost all faith in him when he aligned himself with America's reigning reality TV family, the Kardashians.

"Kanye lost all credibility when he became a Kardashian. I don't even look up to him anymore. I look past him..." she wrote.

Though Azealia Banks deleted plenty of her juiciest tweets from yesterday, fans of the outspoken MC knew to screenshot the best jabs. In case you missed the drama, here's 24 hours of tweets from Azealia Banks.