Hip-hop has seen an encouragingly large amount of female artists break into the mainstream over the last few years and Azealia Banks believes she's at the forefront of the movement, talent wise.

The Harlem spitta made the bold statement on Saturday morning (June 22) via Instagram. Reposting a comment exchange she had with a fan who accused her of being talented but unlikable at times, Banks offered a detailed counter in the caption.

"Sad thing is I’m the most intelligent and THE MOST talented female rapper and have been for years," she wrote. "You all will find out when it is too late and I’ve married a Russian and get to raise my kids in a fancy Siberian underground bunker while you all scramble to get indoors for 6pm curfew under us martial law . Lmfao... fuck y’all ... don’t hate me hate your mother for not sending you to private and catholic school. Hate your very limited use of vocabulary. Hate the Board of education for failing you. Hate yourself for smoking hookah and paying fashion nova $90 for $15 clothes........ Azealia banks is not your enemy."

In a follow-up post, she revealed she is essentially retiring from the rap business. "You will never get another body of Azealia Banks work again. Hear me?!?!" she posted.

Banks' latest three-song project, Icy Colors Change, came out in December 2018.

"Stop asking," she continued in the caption. "I’m clearly not ever going to release music again. I’m entirely too good for 3/4 of the public. They don’t deserve me and I don’t deserve to have my life’s purpose attached to 'having to work three times as hard as a white woman' lmfao FOH. How about I don’t work at all , collect ebt and make a multi million dollar shit talk YouTube channel effectively making an exponentially higher amount of money than I’d make 'working three times as hard' . . . If you cannot tell by now, Azealia Banks has been trying her hardest to hack the 'three times as hard as a white woman code' .... some of you may see it as stupidity but I cannot , have not and will never accept that as a rule of my life, I will actually do the exact opposite in order to disrupt whatever spiritual warfare there is attached to that 'three times as hard' ideology.... that is not an original black womans thought ..... that is something she has been taught and something I’ve dedicated my life to undoing."

Last August, Banks cancelled the release of her Fantasea II album, citing her need to relax and "bounce on dick." This was a few months after she announced a multi-million dollar deal with Entertainment One. It sounds like AB has had enough.

"Although I was naturally born an exceptionally talented being, it behooves me to exhibit normalcy and humanity outside of being the stellar *over achieving negress* American social archetype each and every one of your favorite black female celebrities are," she added. "Even if I must underachieve or be mediocre... I will do so in order for the greater white society to UNDERSTAND, that my existence is NEVER EVER for their comfort, entertainment or consumption. The way whiteness engages with black entertainers is still not sterile enough for me to want to engage at that level. I want the special American psychopath pass given to Quentin Tarantino ... until then you can read my rants and listen to the one song I drop a year."

You think she's serious?

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