Azealia Banks has never been one to do things conventionally. That's why her new video should come as no surprise--for "Wallace," from her critically acclaimed, commercially stunted Broke With Expensive Taste, Banks enlisted directors Nick Ace and Rob Soucy to help craft an interactive short film. The video runs on Google Cloud Platform, using webcam technology to insert the user into the video, making for a fully immersive Banks experience. The video is only available through her website. Broke With Expensive Taste was finally released last fall after it spent years in development hell.

Even with her label woes aside, it was a tumultuous 2014 for Banks. She found herself embroiled in a host of nasty spats on social media and in radio interviews; she sparred with everyone from Lupe Fiasco to Action Bronson on topics of race, gender, homophobia and access to hip-hop. Her chief complaints were reserved for her biggest nemesis, Iggy Azalea, the White, Australian rapper whom Banks feels is guilty of cultural appropriation. (Banks cites Iggy's assumed Southern, American accent among other things; she has also been critical of Iggy's mentor and label boss, T.I., for allowing this to happen, going so far as to call him "a shoe-shining coon.") Banks has sworn off social media for the time being.

Watch the teaser for the "Wallace" video below, and be sure to open Google Chrome to view the real thing: