Azealia Banks found herself trading barbs with comedian Jess Hilarious over the weekend.

It stared yesterday (Oct. 14), when Jess posted a video to her Instagram page running down the week's highlights in entertainment. A segment she calls "Jess With the Mess." In it, she noted that Banks' concert tickets were selling for a very low price. The Harlem rapper got wind of the jokes being had at her expense and decided to fire back.

Banks responded in the comment section, “Buckle down and write a real script. It will get you further than the chitlin circuit.” In another attempt to son the popular internet personality, she posted a video to her IG page of a new film she is starring in titled Love Beats Rhymes. "Check out the trailer for my feature film with @Lionsgate. I figure since you've been such a help in promoting my concert tickets you could also promote my silver screen debut!!!! Im a leading lady!!! Maybe one day you'll make it here too. ❤️ cheers babe xx IN THEATERS DECEMBER 1st."

All of the this only put the battery Jess' back to provide some straight ether. Responding with another video, Jess went in. "Bitch mad at me because her tickets $16 on Groupon. Bitch I can't make that up. I told you my news is real, bitch," she snapped. "My comedy show tickets is more than your concert tickets. Bitch, you giving them away and they still anin't selling out," she added. And that was just the beginning. She continued to taunt the "Chi Chi" rapper with more hilarious visceral jabs.

Check out the back and forth below.

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