Just like two plus two equals four, Azealia Banks plus Twitter equals drama. In the latest episode of Azealia Banks vs Everybody, the Harlem rapper squared off with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson on the topic of gay slurs.

The situation popped off Friday night (April 22) on the social networking site when Banks clapped back at Beverly Hills Salon owner Elgin Charles because he told her she needs to “spe[nd] less time on social media and MORE time in the studio.”

She was having none of that. "No you aren't. ur a dirty black church fag. Thats all you are, and all you will ever be. LOL," she posted in a since deleted tweet referring to Charles' claims that he is a multi-millionaire.

Shortly afterward, Mckesson stepped in to call out Banks for using homophobic slurs. "C'mon, no need to call him, or anyone, a 'fag,'" he typed.

Defending her stance, the rapper fired back, "Faggotry is rooted in misogyny. not homosexuality."

Mckesson, who is currently running for mayor in Baltimore, didn't back down. "It's homophobic & offensive, Azealia. There are other words that you can use to convey your displeasure w/ him," he posted.

Not budging on her ideologies, Banks added, "Well then i guess i'm a homophobe. Deal with it."

She later requested to have her donation for his campaign refunded.

Hate it or love it, Banks truly bites her tongue for no one. Check out the entire back-and-forth below.


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