It’s a dog eat dog world, and New York rapper Aurora Anthony is hungrier than ever. Last year, after delivering the songs “EBK,” “Zion” and “Alphabet,” the self-proclaimed "Alpha Wolf" was selected along with six other emerging artists to participate in the Future-curated second installment of 1800 Tequila’s 1800 Seconds album series. The 26-year-old rapper responsible for projects like Day of the Lone Wolf, Autumn and CrookWorld shows out on the 12-track compilation’s posse cut “Family” and the Hendrix-assisted “Field Trip.” Here, Aurora Anthony proves he’s nifty with the pen for XXL’s What I Do freestyle series.

The rising rhymer gives a nod to the classic 1991 psychological thriller Silence of the Lambs to deliver his message.

“It’s the king of the autumn,” Aurora Anthony raps. “Spitting Napalms and Nagasaki bombings/Yeah, it’s rap’s Johnnie Cochran/Deciphering all the doctrines/And freeing all of the niggas that’s locked in/For being internet poppin'/You don’t love them or love this/Don’t crucify my era, just watch this/’Pac mixed with nonsense, obnoxious, but toxic/When I spit, I’m Hopkins/Or Hannibal on the fucking beat/When you speaking to a killer the vision is Clarice/I’m silencing the lambs, you niggas is barely sheep.”

Rap fans can look forward to bars like this on Aurora Anthony's forthcoming project, TUNDE, a project in which he's going back to his roots. “I’m Nigerian and the title is short for babatunde,” says the “Limitless” rapper, who explains that babatunde means “return of the father” in his native language. “I just felt like this was my first tape where I got more personal about myself.”

Aside from rap, the native of New York’s now trendy Lower East Side area has also been spotted on runways during Paris Fashion Week, featured in Diesel ad campaigns and has designed sneakers in collaboration with Nike.

Catch the “Undefeated” leader of the pack freestyle in the video below.

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