Atlanta's own Columbia BT is in some serious trouble. In a news release unloaded yesterday (Sept. 24), it was reported that the 42-year-old rapper born Tommie Walker was indicted on federal drug trafficking charges on Sept. 12. Walker, Juan Carlos Garcia-Martinez and Samuel Anchondo-Galaviz were all arraigned on charges of drug trafficking and possession with intent to distribute cocaine last Friday.

According to local Atlanta news outlet WSB-TV, authorities confiscated $220,000 in cash and 135 kilograms of cocaine. The cocaine they seized is said to be worth $4 million.

“These defendants were allegedly part of a multi-state drug distribution scheme that transported and distributed cocaine worth approximately $4 million,” U.S. Attorney B.J. Pak said in the release. “Thanks to the work of law enforcement in Georgia, South Carolina and Colorado, this drug enterprise is now history.”

Pak says the investigation into Walker and Martinez began in August 2017, and that during the course of it, they found that Walker had shipments of cocaine delivered to an Atlanta warehouse he operated. The cocaine was allegedly hidden in tractor-trailers from Colorado, and Pak believes Walker and Martinez helped distribute cocaine through Georgia and South Carolina. Galaviz was caught driving one of the vehicles carrying said cocaine.

Over the last few years, BT had made a name for himself as a local rapper, even linking with the likes of Rich Homie Quan for a song on at least one occasion ("She Crazie").

Now, Columbia BT could be looking at some serious time, as he has been charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine along with three counts of possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Martinez and Galaviz are both being charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

See the news story reporting Columbia BT's indictment and the video for his song "Lavish" below.

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