To say famed designer Salvatore Ferragamo has an eye for fashion would be an understatement. The Italian fashion icon has taken several artists and celebrities with their own unique style under his wing. So it's no surprise, Ferragamo reached out to the "Fashion Killa" himself, A$AP Rocky, to be a part of his online series A Man's Story. The series was created in order to celebrate the label's 100-year-anniversary in the fashion game.

In his segment, the Harlem rapper details the intense feelings of emotions that rushed through him after he performed his first live set. He admits crying after seeing fans dressed liked him lined up around the block to see him perform. A$AP Rocky also expresses his love for fashion through soft-hitting visuals and high-end threads.

"[Fans] were dressed how they saw me dressing in [my] videos," said A$AP Rocky about his first major live performance. "When I got in the car on the way home, I cried -- that's when I felt like I made it."

Check out the Francesco Carrozzini-directed video above.