Last month, A$AP Rocky hung out with GQ to answer some questions about his forthcoming album, his fashion choices and the things he gets into when he's not rapping. With what was presumably weed smoke floating in the air and the A$AP Mob lounging nearby, everything was going well—until the aforementioned smoke caused the fire alarms in the building to go off. Yikes.

Never one to fret, Rocky used the sound of the fire alarm as the soundtrack to an impromptu freestyle. Jumping into the "beat" with a hoarse voice (from smoking), Rocky flaunted a flow that honestly doesn't sound any different from the one he's used on songs for years now.

"Niggas know me, crazy, brazy/Gold teeth, and a gold tee, been a old G, keep it low-key," he spits, making the fire alarm a good bit less unbearable. Dude's definitely got the golden touch.

Before the freestyle, Rocky responded to questions GQ relayed from actor Mahershala Ali and André 3000. As Rocky fans know, the Harlem rapper was named after Rakim, so Ali asked what Rocky would name his kids if he were to have them. The question was so good, Rocky had no choice but to pass so he had time to think it through.

For his part, Three Stacks was wondering what talents Rocky, the rapper/model/actor/fashion designer, had hidden away. Because he does so much out in the open, Rocky had to think this one through.

"Well, we might have to call my moms, then," said Rocky, who recently jumped on Ty Dolla $ign's "Dawsin's Breek (Remix)." "I display mostly all my talents. Right? I'm creative, intricate—angelic at moments. You gonna make me sound real conceited right now talking about myself. Why don't you tell me what it is?"

Three Stacks also wanted to know what Rocky would be doing if he wasn't rapping. The rapper responded by saying he'd be trying to design furniture. Sounds pretty feasible. Elsewhere in the interview, a part that isn't shown in the video, Rocky discusses the "new sounds" he's testing out on his forthcoming album.

Watch Rocky freestyle over a fire alarm in the video below. He answers questions from Ali's question at the beginning of the video, and he gets to Three Stacks' questions at around the 4:50 mark. You can peep his freestyle at the 7:08 mark.

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