Earlier this year, ASAP Rocky dropped his second studio album, the expansive At.Long.Last.A$AP. Straying from his Memphis- and Houston-by-way-of-Harlem roots, much of the album was influenced by and recorded in London, allowing for more of a classic rock feel to seep into the masters. (And into the process, if the stories of LSD-fueled orgies are to be believed.) The British connection ran so strong that when Rocky and Rod Stewart joked about dropping a collaborative mixtape called Born To Be Pretty, news outlets at first assumed it was a real thing. Now, the MC appears on the BBC's Radio 1 as a guest of Annie Mac, speaking about his work and covering "Liar Liar," the famous 1967 song by The Castaways. Check out the footage in its entirety below:

The "Pretty Flacko" star also sat down with Noisey for a candid interview, in which he points out that he hasn't had a piece of meat in four years. He also speaks about the orgies in question--specifically, the mechanics of making or allowing them to happen: "I think it’s just an environment for the people that have that energy. You can’t really force something like that; it’s magic I guess—it has to happen naturally. If it happens, it happens. I don’t know what man actually looks forward to group sex. That’s not something’ that we look forward, but if you’re brothers in a house full of chicks, and if the energy is right, things go down. I know you get what I’m saying. I don’t wake up thinking about orgies."