A$AP Rocky. Rapper. Model. Record executive. Brand boss. Peacemaker? Before a few days ago, he wouldn't have been known as one, but that's a fitting description for the A$AP Mob rapper who broke up a fight at one of his shows earlier this week.

Peering down into the audience during the raucous concert, Rocky noticed two fans going at it. Seeing their fight escalate, the Harlem native had the two fist-throwers join him onstage. One was a 20-year-old named Vic. The other was a 17-year-old by the name of Anthony. Rocky began his interaction with the two by somewhat playfully admonishing Vic for fighting a teenager.

"First of all, he's 17, so you not supposed to be fighting him anyway," Rocky told Vic in front of the crowd, which quickly began cheering. "Chill out, chill out. Because when I was 17, I was fighting muthafuckas... 28, 29, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you still fight, you feel me?"

A bit later, Rocky, who recently freestyled over a fire alarm, tells the two fans that an A$AP concert is an event for moshing, not fisticuffs. "At a ASAP show, y'all are considered family, you feel me?" he said. "It don't matter who talk first, you supposed to swing because you in a moshpit. You supposed to come here to get out your anger in life, bro.  This is—you paid money to celebrate us and celebrate yourself. This is culture, you know what I'm saying? It's not just music."

Vic and Anthony appeared to be soaking in Rocky's A$AP wisdom, and a few moments later, the rapper had the two hug it out in front of the audience.

Check out the whole incident below. Read about the new sounds Rocky's been experimenting with for his new album when you're done with that.

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