Social media has put the battery in people's back to say some of the dumbest things, because they have the ability of hiding behind a computer or cell phone. The new "Live" additions to apps like Instagram and Facebook have only seemed to make things worse. A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg recently had to clap back at a fan who thought his hate would go unnoticed during a recent live session on Instagram.

Things started out cool, until a commenter decided to jump out there with a jab directed toward A$AP Nast, likening him to actor Bokeem Woodbine.

Unable to let the slander slide, Nast quipped, “It’s 666 off in your bitch,” before Ferg and Rocky applied the pressure. “You done fucked up now,” Rocky said. “Get him up outta there. Your man looks like a fake ass Kris Kross reject. What the fuck is you talking about?"

More jokes ensued, until the crew felt like the sideline hater had had enough. “I’ma come clean, and we ain’t gonna hold you,” Rocky said. “We just roasted him. It’s quiet right now. Never come at ASAP in your life, bruh. Watch your mouth, B.”

Last December, 21 Savage had a not-so-fun experience on Instagram live. Similar to the ASAP Mob's encounter, everything was going all good at first, until the shade started rolling in.

“Damn. My shit just went from so much people showing love, and turned to so much hate shit,” 21 said in the clip. “I’m talm ’bout every comment these folks saying is some gay ass shit. ’21 dicks up your ass.’ Lame ass shit. I’m finna end this shit. That shit just blew my night. You just said some gay ass shit. Dick suckin ass, I’mma fuck yo momma, bitch,” he added before logging off.

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