Consider this the ultimate endorsement. Obviously, Future's hook game and penmanship has been lauded on many occasions. This time around, he received the biggest compliment from the legendary Andre 3000. Crazy right? Well, according to Vibe,  3 Stacks thinks highly of his fellow ATL brethren.

"Future is genius, man. A lot of people don’t understand that even though he’s in the Trap world he’s a genius in that genre. You have to watch him work. He does all of that stuff off the top. He will tell you that he did “Tony Montana,” “Racks,” and “Turn Off The Lights” all in one night. It’s amazing to watch. I look up to Future. He’s like a ‘hood Prince. Not the artist Prince, but the lineage of a king. And I know his background. He’s authentic," he told Vibe.

The two previously collaborated on Future's track, "Benz Friendz." Who knows, maybe 3000 could nab Future for a potential hook for his upcoming solo album.